Comfort and Elegance

Cowl Close UpHaving just sent my second blog post to Minerva Crafts I’m coming to the conclusion that I need more elegance in my wardrobe. I made a Freya dress from Tilly and the Buttons out of a gorgeous tan floral velour. I’m not going to go into great detail about that particular make here but I’ll add a link to my Minerva post once it goes live – which I expect won’t be for a little while as Minerva coordinates their blog well ahead of time.

There is something about tactile fabrics like velour and satin. They can take the simplest of garments and elevate it to a luxury piece. The simple elegance of a clean lined item in a luxury fabric is pleasing to me. It means I can dress a garment up with statement pieces of jewellery for a night out, or make the everyday a little less mundane by adding dressing it down. I can see myself making a series of velvet tops to wear with jeans through the autumn and winter, or silky camisoles for the summer. And yet I regularly turn to plain jerseys, and needlecord to make my daily wear outfits. I rarely think of the more luxurious fabrics when I plan a make to wear from work to weekend. But I so love wearing them!

When I knit I have moved away from acrylic yarns, mostly. Not only because that will help reduce my plastic consumption, but also because I generally prefer the feel of natural fibres to acrylic (although the Paintbox Baby DK I used for some baby knits is buttery soft). Does that mean I will never work with acrylic yarn again? Doubtful as it does have it’s uses and is often what is found in schools to use in weaving etc. It does, however, mean I am paying more attention to the feel of the fabric I am producing when I knit of crochet. So why not when I sew?

Certainly knitting is a slower process than sewing garments on a machine, so I like to use yarns that are pleasant to work with, rather than the artificial feel of many acrylic yarns. But surely the same level of thought should be given to the clothes I sew. My pledge, therefore, for future fabric purchases is to think of my sewn everyday garments as not just utilitarian items, but items that should be a pleasure to wear and stroke. I want to be able to grab a simple and comfortable outfit from my wardrobe and have it make me feel elegant – what better way to do that than to pepper my clothing with splashes of luxury fabrics?

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