Festive Crafting

man in santa claus costume
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

How has it got to the 4th November and I still don’t have my festive crafting organised? Normally by this time of year crafters have been busily turning into elves for at least four months. Not me.

I have started a cross stitch tree ornament. And I do have some needle felting projects lined up. All of these are featured in my October Round Up over on YouTube. I did also buy some wool in a sale over the summer anticipating a knitted present, but that is not yet even cast on. So I am feeling decidedly unprepared for the holiday season this year.

With a mere 7 weeks to go before Santa starts to load his sleigh I know that the time is simply going to fly past – not least of all due to the silly season kicking off at work this half term with the sugar rush of Halloween and the premature excitement of the school fireworks display over the past week. In addition I have a test knit on the go, and blogs to write for Minerva Crafts (my first one comes out December 23rd), not to mention a growing list of selfish need to makes (and a scarf to finish for the OH). So this may not be a year when I repeat my feat of entirely handmade christmas presents, which I’ve achieved twice, once being entirely knitted from stash and hand delivered wrapped in the previous years left over paper (can you tell I was on a budget?). However that is a goal I have in mind for another year. Who knows, if I start now maybe I’ll have it all done in time for Christmas 2019.

I will be keeping you up to date with the progress of my needle felting and cross stitch, both here and on the YouTube channel, so keep an eye out over the coming weeks to find out how many times I stab myself with a felting needle. In the meantime I’m off to swatch a card I simply HAVE to have now the weather is turning frosty (seriously, I’m chipping ice of the bike saddle before I cycle to work these days), and to put a few more rows on the Big Red I am test knitting for Mina Philip (Knitting Expat) in blue. You never know, I may even get out the scarf in the oh so exciting black and grey acrylic brioche that the OH asked me to make him last winter… … …

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