Thurlow Trousers – Stage 1

The first project in my queue as I transition to a predominately me made wardrobe is the Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic. I’m going to be making View A, the full length trousers in a dark brown needlecord from Sherwoods Fabrics. Having prewashed and pressed the fabric, and stuck the pdf together, I have now traced the pattern and analysed the finished garment size. I very quickly realised that I would need to make a simple adjustment to the pattern as unfortunately as my waistline increased my leg length did not, meaning that the inseam would be about 6.5″ too long if I made the pattern as it is. The rise of the trousers is also considerably longer than my own, however the trousers are designed to sit below the waist and I would rather they came to my natural waist as I will be cycling in them and wearing them to work as a teacher – overlap between tops and bottoms is helpful when writing on a whiteboard! I have therefore decided not to adjust the rise at this stage. I’m effectively using this version as a wearable muslin, so we’ll see if I decide to make the adjustment at a later date.

The process for adjusting the inseam length is relatively simple, as pattern adjustments go, and you can see how I did it on my YouTube channel. So grab your pattern pieces, scissors, a pencil, measuring tape/ruler and some sticky tape, and let’s go adjust our patterns!

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